Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/1 Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina Beach, FL

This is probably one of my top 5 campgrounds, certainly one of my top 3 or 4 in Florida.  It is very far north on the Atlantic Coast, and the beach campground is about 300-400 feet from the ocean, nestled in the dunes.  I can see the Cumberland Sound over the dunes and catch a glimpse of the ships going past in the distance.

I like the fact that the campground is not near any roads or highways and that it is so isolated and quiet.  This is the entrance road, full of RV-snagging live oak trees.  They guaranteed me that the minimum height in the middle of the road was 14' but said to watch the edges.

Love these trees, but they are scary to drive under.

There are only 21 sites circling around a bath house that has a washer and dryer with hot water!  I headed in so I would have a better view.

Can you see the sliver of ocean in the distance over the dunes?  The main beach entrance is about four sites to the right.

The boardwalk to the ocean beach.  It was a beautiful day when I arrived, about 74 degrees and sunny.

Very nice state park fishing pier in the distance.  I have walked on this one, and it is narrow, but very nice.  Lots of birds around it.

One of the local residents.  Probably a baby because of its dark brown coloring.

More photos in a couple of days.

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