Monday, December 15, 2014

12/13 The Last of Fort Clinch

Went out for a couple of last bike rides and here are the photos. First, I rode to the other campground and took a couple of photos of the other side of the island that faces the mainland.  It is obviously a lot calmer..

This is the bay side, but facing out toward the sound where ships come in from the ocean.  The land in the distance is Georgia.

Also rode into town.  This is the road past the entrance to the state park.

And the town of Fernandina Beach.  A lot of nice little shops and a wonderful bakery!

This house is interesting because it is made of cement made from beach sand and seashells.  If you look closely, you can see how it was poured in two-foot tall layers.  This was a common building method in the 1800s in Florida.  Nice that they have left it original.

And some birds on the beach near my campground. Love that Florida has so many beach birds, many of whom migrate there for the winter, so are "snow birds"!

This is a fishing pier, but it also follows the rock entrance to the sound which is the shipping channel.

I like beaches most at low tide.

You can see the fishing pier close up in this photo and the rock breakwall.  Note how the sand has collected on the opposite side from the shipping channel.

So, I am off to Myakka State Park tomorrow, one of my other favorite state parks in Florida, but very different because it is inland and has a river and lakes. 

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