Friday, April 4, 2014

4/4 Matagorda Nature Park, TX

It has been a very foggy and windy last couple of days and I was getting bored, so I was glad to start out this morning for my next stop.  First, however, I had found a car wash and was very anxious to get my motorhome washed.  It is really hard to find a car wash big enough to fit my rig inside without wiping anything off the roof.  This one had both front and back controls, wands, and brushes, which is nice, but a very few also have steps along the side so you can more easily get up high.  I am very short and too nervous to climb up the back ladder, so my roof never does get washed.

Takes a LOT of quarters, so I was happy that this one took Visa.  Usually it costs me about $20.

Today was not a good day for driving because the winds were 25-30 mph and I knew I would have a few bridges to cross.  It is really hard to keep control when the wind is hitting you on the side.  Here are some photos of the scariest bridges I crossed today.

It was a very stressful 181 miles, but at least the fog was gone and it was a beautiful sunny day when I arrived at Matagorda Nature Park.  I really had only accidently found this place when I made reservations a couple of months ago.  It is part of the Lower Colorado River Authority, which is a regional electric and water supply organization that serves central Texas, and no, it is not THAT Colorado River!  In any case, it is a very nice park, right on the river as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.  Very nice, paved, full hookups within a short walk to the gulf. 
I decided to take a short walk to see what was around, and it turned out to be a very long walk, but well worth it.  Once I got to the fishing pier, I could not resist walking out on it.  Did not have my beach shoes, so the beach walk will have to wait until tomorrow. 

This is a really nice beach--much wider and smoother than either Galveston or Mustang Island.

This area is surrounded by literally miles of coastal wetlands and marshes, so it is a prime bird area.  Will need to do more exploring tomorrow. 

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