Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/10 Buccaneer State Park, Waveland, MS

This state park is right along the Gulf of Mexico and directly across the road from the gulf.  Being only maybe 50 miles east of New Orleans, it was pretty beat up by Hurricane Katrina, as you can see from the few trees left standing.

They have just finished the last rebuilding of the park this past fall.  All the important stuff, like offices, rest rooms, and electrical transformers are up on cement posts to keep them away from water in the next hurricane.  This is the office and entrance building. 

This is the gulf, directly across the street from the state park.  You can sit on the breakwall here and fish!  In fact, yesterday, when I went out driving in my motorhome, I had to be careful to avoid fishing poles laying across the top of the breakwall. 

Heading toward town, this is a rebuilt fishing pier. This one was private.

Here you can see some of the destroyed piers that were not rebuilt.
This is the town of Bay St. Louie, which is right next to and indistinguishable from Waveland.  Both are small towns and not very busy this time of year.

Almost all of the homes along the gulf are new and are on cement piers.  It makes them look bigger than they really are.  At least being up so high gives them fantastic views!  

This church was also facing the gulf and up on piers.  Never have seen a walk-under church before, but there were a couple more along the road.  

A couple of other nice homes along the gulf.

When I got closer to town, there was a nice, new bike path/sidewalk which made it safer and more pleasant to ride.
Cute little town with some old buildings that obviously survived the hurricane.  A lot of them were antique or gift shops.

After I rode around the main street part of town, I rode around a lot of the little residential back roads.  There were some cute houses back there.

This is a bout a half-mile from town, and very pleasant place to ride. 

I'm glad we have had a couple of warm and sunny days after several days in a row that were cloudy and rainy.  Tomorrow morning I head for a campground in Greenville, Alabama, and then onward to Georgia.  It is nice to be able to go slow and spend a day or so along the way so you really get to discover some of the more out-of-the-way places.  

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