Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/12 West Point Lake, GA

This is a Corps of Engineering dammed up lake, right on the border of Alabama and Georgia.  It was warm and sunny today, so after I got here, I went for a long bike ride around the campground and over to the dam.
This is only a one-day campsite because my reservations do not start until tomorrow.  Thus it is very shaded, which means so satellite TV.  Poor cell data service, also, but I am managing.  Just very slow.  I will move tomorrow to a site that is more open and on the lake directly. I can see the lake from here, but just through the trees. 
There are Corps of Engineering campgrounds almost everywhere, except in Michigan, of course.  Seniors like them because there is no entrance fee with a Federal Senior National Parks pass, and campsites nearly always have electric and water, and most importantly, are half-price for us!  I like them because they are very well maintained, compared to the state parks in some places. 
The dogwood are out in bloom so the woods smells incredibly nice!  I think the honeysuckle is coming out also, but you can barely see the flowers.  Will have to get photos another day.  

This is a very big lake.  I was happy I could ride my bike over the dam.  You can take cars over, but is it very narrow in places.  

On the other side of the dam, you can drive right up to the powerhouse to take photos. 

I also discovered a very nice picnic area down from the dam.  This is a duck pond, but there were a lot of shady picnic areas, and being Saturday, there were a lot of families.

And back home I go. 

More photos in a couple of days.

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