Monday, March 31, 2014

3/30 Galveston to Mustang Island

It was a long drive today from Galveston Island to Mustang Island where I am going to be staying for a few days.  Mostly, the road followed the Gulf, over bridges of estuaries and harbors.  (I don't like bridges because the winds cause my motorhome to sway.)

Very little traffic and not much to see along the way, other than a lot of dunes and the occasional peek at the Gulf.

There were a LOT of refineries along the way!

More refineries in the distance over this long bridge.

And more dunes. 
Finally, made it.  The campground is in the dunes about 1,000 feet from the Gulf.  Too tired tonight to drive or walk down, but I could hear the surf all night and the breeze was wonderful!  Did not need air conditioning tonight. 

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