Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3/3 Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ

This is a place locals and tourists alike flock to.  I got there today, which is a Monday, half an hour after they opened and the parking lot was almost full.  If I had arrived even half an hour later, I would not have had a place to park and would have had to leave.

This is a national recreation area, so there is no fee for seniors for admission or parking, but it did cost $8 to ride the tram to the end of the canyon road.  Many people walk up or down or both, but it is a little farther than I wanted to walk.  Here we are on the open tram.

The road is one-lane only and only trams are allowed.  I believe bikes are sometimes allowed, but not this day. 

As do most canyons, this one has a river.  The road crosses the river several times, which is pleasant because of the small ponds and even waterfalls.

This is the end of the canyon.  I could have hiked around for a bit, but I wanted to get on to my next campsite, so I took the tram back down again.

Anyway, it is a pretty place to go next time you are in Tucson.

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