Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/21 Potter's Creek Campground, Canyon Lake, TX

This is a place I have been to before and find it is a very pleasant place to spend a day or a week.  It's a U.S. Corp of Engineering facility, which means it is half-price for seniors who have the federal pass that gets you into national parks.  I like to stay in COE parks because they are always well-maintained and have electric and water, and often even full-hookups.  They also tend to be in scenic places along rivers, dams, and reservoirs that the COE has constructed and maintains.  I have never yet found one I did not like!

Potter's Creek is quite a ways off I-10 but a pleasant drive in a rural, hilly area north of San Antonio.  worth going out of my way.

This one has a couple of woodsy areas, but I prefer a more open site, preferably grassy, where I can get a good satellite signal.  Good TV, good cell service for internet, and pleasant place to get some work done.  Here are some photos.  Notice that the camping pads are very large and spread apart enough to make for privacy, that is other than the tenters across from me who decided to party until 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  (You sometimes do get partiers on weekends, which is one hazard of camping, but I was leaving the next morning, so did not really care too much.)

I was here in November, 2012, and enjoyed seeing the very small Texas whitetail deer who hung around, trying to steal food from our table.  Ever had to shoo a deer away?  These were very persistent and not very shy.  Did not see them this time.

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  1. what a shame you didn't get in touch with anyone. There are a number of women on the WomenRV forum in this area.