Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/9 Napa EXPO

I haven't posted in a long time because I had some medical problems and also just got busy, so I am going to try to catch up.  I took some photos of the very nice fairgrounds RV park I have been staying in and posted  these on the 17th.  It may seem strange to be camping in a county fairgrounds, but this is obviously not the dusty place you might imagine.

Other than being well-kept up and clean with very large cement pads, a big advantage to this RV park is that it is within walking distance to downtown Napa, where there are tons of excellent restaurants and shops.  A few years ago, the area along the river was redeveloped and this has brought a lot of new businesses.  It is a very busy place, day or night.

I've really been enjoying riding my bike all around Napa.  There are many bike paths and a trail along the Wine Train railroad tracks. 

Staying in the RV park also means you get to observe all the events going on.  There is Friday night Bingo in one of the halls next to the campground.  Those seniors can be noisy, and the taco truck and pizza delivery guy both show up those evenings! 

One weekend, there was a dog show, so the RV park was filled with vehicles with lots of dogs.  The fairgrounds set up overflow parking for RVs by laying down power cables and water hoses in a big field, and allowing dry camping in one of the parking lots.  I would guess there were at least 60-80 RVs in the field and parking lot that weekend?

This photo shows the main "thoroughfare" and the exhibit halls on either side.  These halls are not only used during the fair but also other time during the year for parties and even weddings.

And one of the neatest places at the EXPO is the fermentation store.  This place sells everything you would need for home winemaking.  It also sells supplies, including yeasts, to larger winemakers.  Anyone need a wine press or two?

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