Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21 More Desert & Some Sculptures

Loving the scenery around here!  Here are some photos taken around the visitor center. It has been threatening rain all day, but no drops yet.

After some lunch at home, I headed out on my bike through Borrego Springs.  This is the center of this pretty empty town.

This is what I was heading for.  These metal sculptures are by artist Ricardo Breceda.  Here is his website:


I liked this sea serpent!  You can see how large it is. 

Here is the sea serpent's head.

And across the highway is his tail!  Looks like a rattle on the end.

The previous photos were of sculptures that are several miles out of town.  The next two are in the town sculpture park.  There were more, but I did not bother taking photos of all of them.

Barely made it back home because I had to ride 14 miles round trip to take these photos, so my battery is now charging. 

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