Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10/3 Flagstaff - Getting Work Done

Not much happening, except I am using this time to catch up on some work and housekeeping tasks.  I am in a commercial RV park in Flagstaff so I can get good cell and internet service.  I needed to get the Dell technician to come and replace a part in my old laptop, which he did yesterday.  Then I had to delete all of my old files so I can give it to my brother.  I also did some laundry, defrosted the freezer using a hair dryer, cleaned out the refrigerator, vacuumed and damp mopped the floors, and made a ton of phone calls to notify Social Security, insurance companies, banks, etc. of my new permanent address.  Whew!

I also have been working to update my online class for the next two or three weeks.  I like to get things ready ahead of time in case I do not have good internet while I am traveling.  I tweak the assignment content each semester to make it harder for students to "reuse" old papers, so this takes some work.  Also, try to improve assignment explanations. 

Wish I could find a truck wash, however, because this rig is filthy from over a month's driving without a bath.  I am not allowed to wash it in campgrounds or RV parks, so I have to find a car wash big enough for large vehicles like trucks.  I have occasionally seen them as I have driven by, but they are not easy to find when you are looking for one.  

Tomorrow, I need to get a propane refill, a tank of gas and a few groceries, and head off to the area southwest of Sedona for a few days. It is not too long a drive, so that will be a fairly easy day's drive. 

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  1. My goodness, you were a whirling dervish getting so much done. Isn't it nice to be able to do a complete clean-up in so much shorter a time. I notice the truck washes close to a truck stop. Just saw this article and thought I remembered you saying you were going to Phoenix.