Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/18 Usery Mtn Regional Park and Heard Museum

I camped for four days at this desert campground.  Very nice desert views and lots of little birds running around all day.  Heard coyotes howling all night, and got woken up the first night by some sort of woodpecker tapping on my roof.  I had to open my door and slam it again before he would quit!  Love the Gambel quail family.  The parents cheep loudly and the juveniles scurry around looking for bugs while trying to keep up.  

Almost no other campers here because it is off-season, so I had a lot of privacy:

One interesting thing about Arizona campgrounds is that the camphosts get metal structures over their campsites because of the summer heat.  Also, even playgrounds are covered by roofs.

On one day, I visited one of my favorite places--the Heard Museum in Phoenix.  I took just a few pictures of the many, many Native American art and artifacts they have there.

The kachina dolls are especially interesting.  What is also most interesting is that a very large part of them were donated way back in the 60s by Barry Goldwater, who not only collected these artifacts, but also was a pretty good photographer of Native Americans.

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