Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1 Sunset Crater Wildflowers

I have been working hard to identify some of the wildflowers I saw around Sunset Crater.  Here is what I found, after using two books I bought and the internet.  First, here is the Long-Leafed Phlox I posted a couple of days ago.  It is amazingly pink against the cinder ground:

This one has the very strange name of Fetid Goosefoot and is really a fern-like plant that turns red in the fall, but is very striking:

This one is some sort of an Aster, as best as I can tell:

And this feathery "flower" is actually the seed pods of the Apache Plume. The flowers are white, but gone this late in the season:

This one is called Desert Paintbrush:

And this, I think, is called Sulphur Buckthorn:

And I give up on this one! The leaves look a bit like a geranium, but it looks a lot like a poppy of some sort.  Anyone know what it is?


  1. check this out

    last one is a globemallow, maybe?
    gotta look at stems and seeds to be sure.

  2. I agree that it is a Globemallow. Checked some photos online, and it matches those.