Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4 Boat Tour and Reflections

Got up early to take the canyon boat tour on Lake Powell.  One of the places we went to was the lake end of Antelope Canyon, which is the famous slot canyon you see in photographs.  (We toured it last year, so no need to go back.)

Hot day, so I wanted to go early, but it was still hot on the top deck.  Here are some photos:
It pays to be the first boat in Antelope Canyon because the water is still and you can see the cliffs reflected.  Here are just three of several photos I took:

Also, rode past the Antelope Point Marina.  Apparently, these are mostly time-share houseboats.  There must have been 100 of them.  Wouldn't you like to own one of these? They are bigger than most land homes, and many are two stories tall above water line. Water slides go from second levels to water.  Check out the "accessories" on the back:

And what about this launch ramp?  I would have loved to see them launch one of those big houseboats!  Hard to see, but those dots on the ramp are cars and trucks.  Ramp must have been 90-100 feet wide or even wider. The building to the right is part of the Wahweap Hotel, so you can see the scale.

Lots of thunder and lightening today, but no rain here yet.  Might get some tonight.  That will help cool it off and help AC and refrig.  Freezer is taking a long time to freeze stuff, and I do like my water bottles frozen. 

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