Friday, September 14, 2012

9/12 North Rim, Cape Royal Point

After talking to a park ranger who has lived in an RV for 20 years, I decided to take her advice and take a 25 mile drive on the Cape Royal Point road, even though the sign warned against vehicles longer than 30 feet.  It's really the only scenic drive you can take on the North Rim of the canyon. 

She was right.  It was curvy and had no shoulders, but the speed limit was 35-45 MPH and there was little traffic.  Frankly, it was a LOT easier than driving U.S. 1 on the California coast in redwood country.

I was a little worried because it had been raining for two days and the weather looked iffy that morning.  However, by the time I got out there, the clouds had lifted and the sky mostly cleared. Here are some photos of what I saw:

Unfortunately, at one scenic pullover, I decided to make myself a sandwich and ended up cutting my thumb.  It was hard to bandage it without a thumb to use, but I ended up putting two tight bandaids on it to stop the bleeding and then wrapped it in some of that stretchy wrap.  Big problem was that my carefully put together first aid kit was buried in an inaccessible bottom drawer in my bedroom.  I have now moved it to where I can more easily get it without having to open slides.  Cut turned out to be sore, but not as bad as I first thought. 


  1. wow, glad you're okay.

  2. Thumb is fine now. Just one small bandage and will probably stop that in a day or so. Got to be more careful with knives.

    Road was a lot easier than the one we took. Not so tight and only shrubbery along the edges, not huge trees. No dropoffs. Even had a mirror for last tight curve at 15 MPH!

  3. Judy, your photos are just beautiful. Gaelyn knows that area and RVs well so I am glad she was able to give you the heads up. And it is nice to know that you are now feeling so confident with your rig.