Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22 Leaving Zion National Park

Last day in Zion, so I packed up and headed east back through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel.  Had a long wait this time because so many cars were entering from the other direction.  Nothing else to do, so I did not mind!  If you are interested in this historic tunnel, here is at least one quick website:

I managed to take one photo inside, but decided it was not a good idea to be focusing on keeping a big vehicle headed right down the middle so I had enough clearance and taking photos at the same time:

The few miles east of the tunnel along Route 9 is very different from Zion Canyon.  It consists of ancient sand dunes that were compressed into sandstone, but it must have been a very windy place because the layers are so distinct and at such strange angles.  It was very hard to find places to pull over because they were full of cars and my vehicle needs a lot of room, but here is what I did take:

I am in Bryce now, with no hookups or power.  Not sure how long I am staying here, but I will check out the visitor center tomorrow.  There is a shuttle service here, also, and I am camped within easy walking distance of one of the stops, so I will not be moving until I decide I need to go find the laundromat that is supposed to be in the park.  It is too far away to walk, so drive it will be. 

Looking forward to seeing "hoodoos" tomorrow!

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  1. These are great photos too and the weather looks great.