Friday, September 23, 2022

9/20 Tillicum Beach Campground, Yachats, OR

I stayed about a week at Bullard's Beach and stayed here six days--you travel a lot more slowly when you are retired and no longer have to meet an external schedule!

Tillicum Beach Campground is a federal facility owned by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service.  It is managed by a consignment company, But seniors with the federal card still get a discount on camp sites.  It is a little unusual for Forest Service campground in that about half of the sites have electrical and water connections.  Some sites can be reserved in advance and some are first-come, first-served.  

However, I always make a reservation for Site 27, as I know I can get a good satellite signal from that site and also have a partial ocean view, assuming someone with a tall vehicle parks across from me!!  The sites directly overlooking the ocean are all non-hookup sites, and since the campground has no showers, this does make it difficult, but as any realtor will tell you, location counts!!  

Unfortunately, there are two important things this campground does not have--a dump station and cell service.  The location partially makes up for this, but I really wish they would at least get cell service!!

The first three photos are of the campground.  You can see the sites along the beach in the first and third photos.  The second photo shows a site across from these. 

And this is my site, across from the ocean-sites, but with a good satellite signal. 

On this day, I went for a beach walk.  You can see how the bluff was eroded a few years ago, and the campground managers added some rocks to help prevent erosion in the future.

My favorite time to take a beach walk is at low tide because you can see things that wash up.  Also, the sand is harder and easier to walk on with my beach shoes.  (I used to wear my good shoes on the beach, but decided that was a bad idea, so I got some beach shoes I can get wet.)

Even with low tide, there were a lot of big waves a few hundred feet out.

This is a little river that empties into the ocean.  It was very clean-looking water and easy to walk across.

By the time I headed back to the campground, the tide had gone out even farther.  This water is only an inch or so deep.

It is very hard to see, but hidden behind these trees is a private home.  Looks like a great place to live. 

And, there is some fog coming in from the south, so time to get home to my motorhome.

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