Thursday, July 15, 2021

7/5 Cedar Point by Boat

 One a big weekend, especially after the pandemic has kept it closed for most of the past year, one place NOT to be is Cedar Point Amusement Park!  My son has a boat, so we just boated past it this weekend.  The parking lot was absolutely full.  My son and his family have season passes, so maybe we can go when I am here at the end of August.  I don't know what the lines were like, but they have had problems with hiring enough staff this year, especially since the large number of foreign employees were not able to come back for this summer.  

Anyway, I thought these photos were interesting.  They were taken from the bay side of the peninsula the amusement park is on.  Hopefully, next time, we can go into the lake, and I take take photos from that side.  

Anyway, if you like roller coasters, here are several of them! 

This is certainly a forest of wood!  Too high for me, however.

I think this is just one coaster. 

Did you know that Cedar Point also has a big old hotel, a campground, and a marina? 

 It was a very bumpy ride because of all the boats, but at least the dog always enjoys the trip!

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