Saturday, June 27, 2020

6/25 Mackinac Island Marina Area and Back Streets

I decided to break this very long post into two parts.  One of the things that many tourists miss on the Mackinac are the many beautiful Victorian buildings.  Some of these have been converted into B&Bs and some are still private homes.

When you turn down one of the side roads in the village area, this is what you find.  I love the Victorian feel.

You can tell that the two building on the right were part of the fort structures. 

Love this porch and widow's walk!! 

More fort buildings.  The one on the right is the famous infirmary where Dr. William Beaumont treated the soldier who was shot in the stomach in 1822 and discovered how the human gastric system worked.

This sign marks the beginning of the only state road in the country where cars are not allowed.  You may ride your bike the eight-mile length or rent a horse-drawn carriage, or even walk it if you choose, but no cars or trucks. 

Highway 185 completely circles the island and is a terrific bike ride. The vast majority of the middle of the island is state park. 

The marina where the Chicago to Mackinac and the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat races end.  Usually it is packed with boaters, but it is still early in the season.

Watch out for porters carrying full loads of luggage to the hotels!!

Clearly a private home overlooking the marina.  Nice.

Not sure if this is private or not, but it is next to the Island House Hotel.

Flowers in front of the Island House.

This one was getting a new coat of paint.

St. Mary's Catholic church.

One of the late lilacs.  Most have already bloomed and are done.

Pretty entrance to a home just on the west edge of the village.

Beautiful home on west side of village.

Love the detail and paint colors.

Beautiful day, but time to head home.  I did a lot of walking, had a nice lunch, and enjoyed looking through all the shops.

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