Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2/10 Hoop Dancing Competition at the Heard Museum

I came here two years ago and saw the adults, so this time I decided to see the kids on Saturday.  
 I barely made it here in time to see the entrance parade.  The adults led, with kids from oldest to youngest following.  Click HERE to play the video.

After the entrance parade, they had a ceremony in the center. 

There were about half a dozen tiny tots.  Some were not sure what they were supposed to do.  All had smaller hoops to dance with. Click HERE to see a short video of the youngest kids. 

This girl was in the 6-12 age group and was pretty good.   This age group had medium-sized hoops.  The object is to constantly dance while making patterns of the hoops and putting them around your body, stepping through them, and sometimes putting them over your head.  Rules say dancers must keep time with the drumming no matter what.

This started the over 12 group.  They had bigger hoops and more of them.  This kid was pretty good.  Click HERE to view the video of part of his performance.

And one of the two teams of drummer/singers.  Click HERE to see a video of the drummers with a girl dancing in the distance. 

It  was a beautiful day with temps in the lower 70s and not too sunny. 

This is the courtyard entrance to the museum.  Once you paid to get into the hoop dancing, you did not have to pay a museum fee. 

OK, now I have to show you my new chair.  Here it is in its small carrying case. I got it because it is small and weighs less than two pounds.

Out of the bag. 

Luckily the pieces all have stretchy cords between them, so all you have to do is straighten them and slide them into place.  Looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle at this point, however. 

 Ta- Da!  Finished.  It is a little smaller than full-sized, but it is supposed to hold up to 250 pounds.   Very handy, although the legs did sink into the grass a bit.

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  1. I didn't know you had an engineering degree! That thing looks pretty complicated to put together.