Friday, November 10, 2017

11/3 San Diego Zoo

Been getting really lazy about posting, but here are some photos of my trip to the zoo.  I had been there a couple of years ago, but it was horribly crowded with kids on spring break.  This time it was much nicer because crowds were very small.  Even with small crowds, I probably saw only about 1/4 of the zoo because I took my time and enjoyed what I was seeing. 

The zoo really is a very big place.

First thing was to take a double-decker bus tour.  Could not see much because of all the shrubbery, but it gave me an idea where I wanted to go. 

 These giraff were hoping for some more browse in their feeder because they had eaten all the leaves already.

These guys must have been recently fed. 

Twenty years ago, I was here when Polar Bear Plunge opened.  They were passing out coupons that were good for the Safari Park but you had to go that same day. It was exhausting, but I did it.  

This guy was lazily munching on carrots, but not making an effort to actually reach very far for them.

Their pond showed the results of earlier feedings.  They toss some carrots into the pond to encourage these lazy bears to get off their rumps and swim. 

 Nice chart showing the kinds of zebras.

Can you tell from the rear what kind of zebra this is?

I watched these noisy chicks beg for food and get fed for quite a while. 

Two nests and about six chicks made this a very noisy part of the zoo. 

Bai Yun is the original San Diego Zoo panda and mother to several young.  She is 26-years-old and too old to breed, so she is just enjoying life without all those kids she raised.  

Daughter Xiao Liwu is next door, but since pandas are solitary, they do not spend time together.

There are two large bird aviaries, and I enjoyed watching the birds for a while.  Like I say, I move slowly. 

This was a real highlight of my visit.  This man had taken photos of the gorillas with his iPad and was showing them to the three male gorillas in this area.  They each watched for a quite a while.  Guess everyone enjoys seeing photos of relatives.  (They are brothers.)

There were some bonobos nearby.  These are the chimps that make love instead of war.  These were all females. 

 Anyway, the weather was perfect for a day at the zoo, so I enjoyed myself and then headed home.  Will come back sometime again.

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