Wednesday, November 1, 2017

10/29 Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

It looked like it was going to be a sunny afternoon, so I headed out to one of my favorite places in San Diego--the Cabrillo National Monument at the end of the peninsula that forms the San Diego Harbor, without which, the city would not exist.

You have to drive through the naval base to get to the tip of the Point Loma peninsula, but there is lots of parking and a visitor center at the end.  You can see that when I arrived, the fog was still hanging over everything.  This view is to the west, over the ocean.

The arrow shows where the monument is located. 

 Some really nice views of downtown San Diego.

Just past the visitor center is the old Point Loma lighthouse.  

Looking down the bluff toward the ocean.  Not sure what this building is for.  Oops, maybe just the restrooms!  Thought it was historic, but I guess not. 

This is a third-order Fresnel lens used at the lighthouse. 

As was common in a lot of lighthouses, the keepers had to mostly depend on rainwater.  This cement catchment area drained into large tanks at the far corner. 

There are some tide pools down here, but I was too tired to drive down.  Will try to do it on the weekend.  You can see that the fog is lifting and the sun shining through. 

Interesting photo of the sun behind the lifting fog bank. 

Had to use my telephoto lens to take a photo of this newer lighthouse down at the bottom of the bluff. 


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