Friday, September 22, 2017

9/21 Nehalem Bay State Park

I arrived here on a Saturday evening just before dark, and it has rained every single day since!  Sunday through Tuesday was mostly non-stop rain, but we had a few brief periods of sunshine on Wednesday, but not long enough to make me want to go outdoors because it was still really cold and windy.  I was very hopeful for Thursday (today), so I got my bike out and after one false start, I managed to go for about an hour's ride.  I explored both parts of this very large campground, looking for sites for the future where I could get satellite coverage.  

But, after my ride, it started raining again, so I put the bike back on the bumper rack and covered it up.  Tomorrow, is really and truly supposed to be sunny, so I am going for a beach walk then.  Anyway, I have taken a few photos in the last few days that will give you an idea of what this place looks like.  Basically, it consists of two really big campgrounds along an entrance road.  And each campground contains at least 100 sites, which makes this one of the biggest campgrounds I have stayed at.  Sites and roads are paved and all sites have electric and water hookups. 

It was a pretty drive getting here, and sunny to boot!!!  

I always choose an open site so I can get satellite service. 

A lot of  state parks now provide rental yurts for people who do not want to tent.  They have electric, but no water, hence no kitchens or toilets.  Better than a tent in this weather, however, since it would have been hard to find a dry enough place to pitch a tent in the last few days. 

The beach is only about 400 feet from the nearest camping sites, but you have to hike up through the dunes so it is a bit strenuous. 

The beach was still pretty wet, so I did not go for a walk. 

Since I had to dump my tanks today, I took the opportunity to drive into the small town of Nehalem and walk around.  Found two nice spots I could park in, so I just parked along the main street. 

There is a public beach at the end of the town street with easy access. 

 And here is a link to a video I made:

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