Saturday, September 16, 2017

9/11 Drive to Yachats, OR

I've been running a bit late in posting, mostly just because I have been lazy and taking some time off from other responsibilities.  But, I have rested up and relaxed as much as I needed to and am back to posting.  This post describes my drive from Emigrant Lake, CA, to the some of the prettiest places on the Oregon Coast!  

What makes this part of the Pacific coast so scenic is that you have mountains and big trees coming right to the ocean.  So, you will be sometimes driving through forested roads in the mountains....

And, then you round a corner and the ocean comes into view.  Lots of pullover areas along Highway 101. 

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, this area also has been smoke-free and also has been wonderfully cool, with incredible non-stop ocean breezes!  There are hundreds of places where you can access public beaches. 

I just could not stop taking photos. 

I stopped at the Cape Pertpetua Visitor Center, part of the Siuslaw National Forest.  These are whale jawbones. 

View from the visitor center.  Lots of good parking for motorhomes, as well.  And some blackberry bushes full of ripe berries for a snack.  

Yachats is a very nice little town along the coast.  Not big enough to have any chain stores, which is nice, but it did have a small market.  Last time I was here three years ago, I arrived during one of their farmer's markets, but it was nicer today because it was a lot easier to find a parking spot along one of the side streets.  

After picking up a couple of things at the grocery store, I drove the couple of blocks to the little state park along the ocean and found a good place to park.  Nice place to watch for whales or just look at the ocean.  
 It was low tide with lots of tide pools. 

Like a lot of small towns on the coast, this one is located where a river empties into the ocean.  This one has created a large sandy beach.  



  1. Enjoyed meeting you in the Cape Pertpetua parking lot. Wish we had more time to talk with you. Enjoying your blog. Bill and Deb from OHIO

  2. Thanks. Were you the couple thinking about getting a motorhome? Good luck with your search. There are lots of forums that can help you make a decision, so let me know if you want some suggestions. I am really enjoy the Oregon Coast and plan to come back here next summer for a longer period.