Saturday, March 11, 2017

St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews is about 50 miles east of Topsail and just south of Panama Beach, FL.  It has a nice beach, although not quite as nice as the one at Topsail.  St. Andrews is at the end of a peninsula, but the campground is on the bayside.  You have to walk, drive, or ride a bike the half mile to the beach.  Another disadvantage is that campsites do not have paved pads, but at least mine was very large, and I was able to get good satellite and a good internet signal with my mobile hotspot.    

The road could be a little wider.

One of the camp host couples had an interesting motorhome.  It is hard to tell from this photo, but it was painted a bronze color.  Lots of fun things in their yard.  Note the outside shower near the flag. There was a shelf on the bus to hold soap and such.

I rode my bike to the beach and passed the dune lake where a lot of birds were nesting, especially on the little island in the middle.

These two great white egrets were sitting on nests, so I assume they had already laid eggs, but a male great white egret kept trying to mate with the one on the right--like every two minutes.  I imagine she was saying, "Enough, already" since I suspect she already was sitting on her family to come.

This great blue heron seemed to be tweaking his or her nest. 

This was has a really big nest!
This is the entrance to the lagoon.  This small area behind the rocks that form the entrance results in a protected area, so there were a lot of people wading and sitting on the beach here.   

Walkways to the beach over the dunes.

And a yellow warning flag today because it is not as windy.

Not too many birds on the beach, but here is one.

Fun to watch the parasails. 

After a short beach walk, I head back to my bike and the campground.


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