Saturday, March 4, 2017

3/3 Eastbank Campground, Lake Seminole, GA

This campground is one I found when I was looking for a place to shelter from the hurricane last October.  It is a Corps of Engineering facility, close to the dam, and mostly very quiet, even on weekends.  As with all COE campgrounds, it has paved campsites and asphalt roads, and is very well maintained.  Sites also have electric and water hookups. 

I was very happy to have cement after the rustic dirt sites of Hillsborough.  Won't have to shake the stuff out from my sandals here.  Nice back-in site along the lake.

This is a very big lake, but it doesn't look like it in this view looking toward the dam.

There was still an old road leading to the Corps offices and the dam, and even though there were chained gates, I had checked with the camp hosts, and they said it was fine to hike or ride my bike that way. This looks like a tugboat and dredge barge.

Nice road up to the dam. Today, the high was only 68, so it felt like a perfect spring day for a bike ride.  No dripping with sweat, as in other parts of Florida!  The campground is in Georgia, but the dam is in Florida, by the way! 

This is an American Coot.  Whenever I see one of these, I feel like shouting, "You old coot!" but I don't.  You can tell this is a coot because it has a white beak on a black head and a grey body.  Also, coots look like ducks, but they aren't, and they swim lower in the water than ducks.

I looked these up, and they are Lesser Scaups. (I have no idea what a greater scaup is!)  They have white beaks and grey and black patterned feathers.  They are true ducks!

You can see how big the lake is in this photo, and we really are not looking at all of it.  Mostly, it is narrow and long, and this is the southern end.

This is the campground looking from near the dam.

And a close-up of my motorhome.  It is the multi-colored one on the left. 

I rode a lower road around to the back of the dam and took these photos.  There were a couple of men fishing, though they had not caught anything.

Tomorrow, I head for the beach campgrounds along the Florida Gulf.  I am going to be in three beach-side campground for a total of 13 days.  Weather will be in low 70s, which is perfect! 

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