Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/20 New Mexico Museum of Space History

I had to drive into Alamogordo today to get some groceries and pick up some prescriptions, so I decided to also visit this museum.  Nice location up on the slope.

Besides the exhibits inside the museum, there are quite a few outside.


This is a trainer for stealth fighters.

Did you recognize this for what it is??  It is a space toilet, of course.

And the insides of a life pack for the moon explorations.

They had quite a collection of rocket engines, fuel cells, and guidance devices.


Now, this is interesting.  I have been to Cape Canaveral and seen their collection of space suits, but this is a Russian space suit!

 And this is one of the original space suits they devised for the monkeys that rode in the first rockets.

 As I was leaving, I took this photo using my telephoto lens.  This is White Sands, about 15 miles away.  I will stop there on my way west on Sunday.

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