Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/10 San Antonio Riverwalk & the Alamo

Originally, I was supposed to spend three days in a Corps of Engineering campground north of San Antonio on Canyon Lake.  Unfortunately, drought-ridden Texas has had nothing but flooding over the last few months.  The campground I had stayed at last time on Canyon Lake got flooded out in June.  They had managed to open just one small area when another flood hit a week ago, knocking it out again, plus messing up Crane's Mill, where I was supposed to stay this time. 

I ended up staying much closer to downtown so I did not have to rent a car because this campground has a bus stop right in front of it, and is only 10 minutes from downtown San Antonio.  It is fenced and gated, so also pretty safe, and while I was disappointed about the flooded campgrounds, I am really glad I ended up here because it is so convenient to get everywhere. 

Two fellow RV ladies came to visit me at my campground in San Antonio, and we took the bus downtown.  They are very familiar with the area, so were really being my tour guides.  Plus it is always fun to get together with other women who drive RVs like I do!!  Here are Colleen and Birdie on the Riverwalk. 

And here is me on the left and Colleen. 

And a bronze cowboy rounding up some Texas steers.

The Riverwalk, if you have never been here, usually refers to a loop of the San Antonio river that goes through downtown.  In reality, it really is a several mile long park along the river on both sides of downtown. There are bike and walking trails and parks along the way.  If I had more time here, I would try some bike riding along it, but I am on my way to California, so cannot spend much time. The next few pictures are of the downtown area only.

Lots of restaurants and shops, and you can even take a boat tour!  Part of the river goes down to a shopping mall, but I had seen that when I was here about 15 years ago, so skipped it this time.

The Alamo is also right in downtown, just off the Riverwalk.  This makes sense because it is logical that they would build their missions along the river.

Much of the Alamo has been reconstructed, but you can tell that this part of the walls are original. 

Neat tree on the Alamo grounds.

And another tree.  Actually, both of these are live oaks.

And here is the crew again.

We had a very nice outdoor lunch at one of the restaurants along the Riverwalk and chatted way past the time they cleared our table!  Back to the bus stop and my RV park!  Thanks, Colleen and Birdie, for a great day in San Antonio!


  1. So glad we were able to get together while you here. I really enjoyed the day.

    1. I'm really glad I got flooded out of Canyon Lake. I enjoyed the missions yesterday by bus, also. I'm planning on staying in this same RV park next time I come past San Antonio and do even more exploring. Will give you a call whenever that happens!

    2. Oh, and I bought two pairs of shoes at SAS today!