Saturday, October 31, 2015

10/29 Cape Girardeau, MO

Cape Giradeau is a small town on the Mississippi in southern Missouri.  There is a flood wall along the town, but they have very nicely painted murals on it.  In addition, you can walk though the opening to a very pleasant area along the river.  It was a slightly cool, but very nice sunny day today, so sitting along the river on a bench was enjoyable.

This is the entrance to the riverside area.  You can see the flood marks on here and on several places in town before the wall was built.

Nice view from here.  Lots of places to sit and a walking/jogging trail.

I did not bother taking any photos of the town itself, but I found the wall very interesting.  This section by the public parking lot shows all the famous people from Missouri.  This is only a small sample.

I found this roadside park on my way to the Kentucky state park I was headed for.  Nice view of the river. Just above here the Mississippi was joined by the Ohio River so it is a lot wider than farther north.

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