Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10/14 Belle Isle Conservatory

It is amazing that this building and the plants in it survived the bankruptcy so well!  This is equal, if not better than, any conservatory I have seen in any city. Anna Scripps Whitcomb was the daughter of the founder of the Detroit News.  More information on the history of this building can be found here: 


This is a new plaque recognizing the new park status. 

The palm trees are huge and touching the glass ceiling.  Since you can't trim the tops off of palm trees, I wonder what they will do as they grow.

Some very pretty places for a wedding.

Bananas growing in the city.

This young girl is the Children's Christian Temperance Fountain. 

And some Texas oranges, according to the sign.

The cactus room.

Obviously, this is the fern room.

 Some photos of the garden and outside of the building.


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