Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/22 Long Bike Ride

I was a beautiful day today, so off I went on a long bike ride.  There is a loop that goes down highway AIA, over the inland waterway, down to the main highway into Flagler Beach, over the inland waterway into Flagler, and then hooks up with AIA, which is the highway along the ocean where my campground is located. 

Here is the little road that goes over the inland waterway.

And a pleasant little park next to the drawbridge.

It was a nice little road that headed north to the Flagler Beach main road.

There were some really gorgeous big homes with gates protecting them, and also some older "cracker" houses.

When I arrived at the main road, I headed over the big bridge back to the town area.  Nice view of a small canal.

And an overlook of the inland waterway and the town of Flagler Beach on the right.

A peek of the ocean in the distance.  Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the town or the ride home, but it was a total of 17 miles, which is pretty each on my electric bike.  Nothing like a motor!



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