Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/10 McIntosh, FL, and RVing Women Outing

My friends who I had had over for lunch and who took me kayaking are staying in McIntosh, FL.  So today, I drove over there hoping to see some sandhill cranes.  These are really big birds, up to 4' tall.  Very impressive birds, and they winter in the fields in this part of Florida. 

They have red on the tops of their heads and chatter to each other.  This was probably a mom and her almost grown chicks headed through a fence to get to the field on the other side.  Just ducked under.
After driving around and checking out a few more small groups of birds, Liz drove us to the home of the author of The Yearling, a famous children's book about a boy and a young deer, set in this part of "cracker" Florida.  This state park is her home.

One of the many orange trees she planted.  Looks nice against the blue sky.

We missed the tour and the next one was over an hour away, and since the others had already been, I suggested I come back on my own on Monday on my way to the next campground since I would have lots of time that day. Anyway, here are a couple of photos of her home where she wrote the book.

I will take more photos on Monday, but here are just a few.

And this is the home she built for her maid, who worked for her for many years and who also has written a couple of books. 

The river that was on her property.  It is now a boat launching area.

Headed for the small town of Micanopy, which is the oldest town on the west side of Florida and is full of antique stores.  Had lunch and walked around and into several stores.  However, since all of us live in motorhomes, we could not buy anything because we have no room--nice benefit of living in a small space--cannot buy a lot of junk.

This is Tina and her rig!

And Liz in her rig!

And finally Carol and her rig! 
They each have dogs who were very glad to be let out. 

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