Monday, September 9, 2013

9/7 Farragut State Park, Idaho

Arrived here on Wednesday for four nights.  Like this campground because it has paved spots and electric/water hookups. AND, I even got satellite reception through the trees!

This used to be a naval training station during WWII, hence it being named for a navy admiral.  I tried to visit the brig museum, but it was closed, so I took a picture of this guy out front.

On Thursday, I rode my electric bike 17 miles around the park and down to the day use area and the boat launch. It just zips me around with very little effort.   Isn't this a gorgeous lake with the Rocky Mountains in the distance?  This used to be park of Lake Missoula, a huge lake caused by ice dams when the glaciers were melting.  Then one day, the dam broke and billions of acres of water flowed for hundreds of miles!  The sign said where I was standing would have been 500' under water!

I had made plans to meet a lady there who is also full-timing in a motorhome.  She is from Washington state and has just started living in her motorhome as of a few weeks ago.  In fact, she has the one that I can very, very close to buying, a Jayco.  Good quality, but she is having some problems with battery life.  Anyway, here is Ellen.  She tows a car behind her RV.   We had a great time talking about camping and managing our rigs. 
We both had work to do online, but on Saturday, she drove me to a ski resort at the far end of the lake where there was a wonderful view.

The ski lift was shut down for the season, so we could not go up to the top, but we found a small café and shared a cheese plate. 

I cooked chicken and rice for dinner, and she brought a salad.  So nice to find someone who has the same travel bug I have.  There is a group of women who live in RVs or who travel most of the year in them that I communicate with via a blog.  They have been very helpful with technical and just plain living information. 

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