Friday, September 6, 2013

8/31 Red Bus to Waterton, Canada

I decided to take a Red Bus tour to the Canadian end of Glacier, Waterton Park.  It would have been about a two-hour drive each way, and the bus stopped at Many Glaciers on the way, so it was worth the cost to let someone else drive.

We were not allowed to take any photos of the buildings at the border, but this photo of the border, looking west is neat. 
And here is the sign showing the entrance to the park:

The highlight is the big hotel.  It was built on a high hill, overlooking the lake behind it and mountains on either side:


I had lunch here, but frankly it was a waste of money as the fish was dry and overcooked.  Chips were not bad. 

Had time to wander around behind the hotel and take photos of the lake.  This lake goes north and south, by the way, and halfway down is the U.S.

To the right in this photo, you can see the village of Waterton.  It has stores and a post office, and the only RV campground that has full and partial hookups.  There are two other campgrounds in the park, but one is for tents only and the other can handle only small RVs.

I plan on coming back here someday to camp here--maybe next year.  It looks like a nice little town to bike around and wander through shops, as well as take a boat trip down the lake and watch the falls in town.


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