Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1/2 Lake Kissimmee State Park

I've had a restful three days here, after I got back from my visit to my Ohio family.  I had chosen this park about a month ago after realizing I needed a place to stay for four days before my next reservation farther south.  Unfortunately, there weren't many choices of state parks because this is a very busy tourist time of year. 

Positives:  Spots are large and separated by lots of greenery, so there is a lot of privacy.  There is fishing and a boat launch along the river nearby. 

Negatives:  No access to the lake unless you ride your bike or walk a couple of miles. Also, while you cannot see the lake, you know it is there because you can hear the roar of airboats 20 hours a day.  Not much to so other than bike riding and fishing.  Also, just discovered (after I put clothes and money in) that the washing machine uses only cold water, even though it gives you the usual selection of hot, warm, and cold.  They really should have a sign warning about this because I do not like to wash clothes in cold water only.

The land here is a bit higher than Myakka--more pines and fewer Live Oaks.

Here is the river boat launch and the shut-down for construction observation tower:

And somewhere, WAY in the distance is supposed to be the lake.  I had already ridden my bike 8 miles to the entrance and back, so after reaching the out-of-commission tower, I decided to skip riding a mile or so farther to get a peek of the lake. 

Another positive was these guys stopping by my campsite for a visit.

I had a relaxing time here, but I probably will not come back.  There are a lot of other state parks which I have yet to discover, which is what makes my trip an adventure, not just a vacation! 


  1. wonder if it's hard to find the lake edge because the water level has fallen with overuse and canal-building?
    also, cold water washing isn't that bad, is it?

  2. You are getting lots of bike riding in anyway.

  3. But I had to ride my bike almost two miles just to get to the boat launch, which was on the river, not on the lake. The lake shore is marshy and a bit dry this time of year, but the real problem is that they built the campground a long way from the lake. There was not even a trail from the campground to the lake. I know it is about 1500 feet from the campground because I could see the open water part of it on the map and hear the airboats, but no way to walk there directly.

  4. I am old fashioned about laundry--need hot water to help soap dissolve the body oils. There is a washer and dryer in this park as well, but I asked and no hot water. There IS hot water right next door for showers, however.

  5. Those birds look like the Sandhill Cranes that hang out in my neighborhood during the summer.