Thursday, May 30, 2024

5/25 Quick Visit to Cedar Point

My son and his family have season passes to Cedar Point, and since it is very close to his weekend condo in Sandusky, we went there on Sunday for a few hours.  Did not ride on any rides, other than the antique cars and the train, but one granddaughter did go on a couple of roller coasters.  Also had some lunch there.  

Did you know that Cedar Point has a marina?   You can stop by for gas, as we did the day before, or pick up some food.  

I don't like to show faces of my family, but I think it is OK to show a snoozing dog.  (She likes pillows, so the boat bumper was all she had on the boat.)

Today, Sunday, we drove over to the amusement park and mostly just walked around.  There are not too many of the old rides that I remember from my first trip there is 1964, which is a shame, but as you can see, this is a very old amusement park.  It is now mostly a roller coaster amusement park, advertising itself as the roller coaster capital of the world.    

It was a perfect day, anyway, with highs in low 70s and a beautiful breeze blowing off Lake Erie.  

Surprisingly, for a Memorial Day weekend, it was not horribly busy, but there were some long lines at the most popular roller coasters. 

This ride bothers me to even loop up at it!!  No thanks.

I got pretty well worn out walking all over, so was glad my granddaughter brought the car to pick me up! 

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