Sunday, August 9, 2020

8/1 Tillicum Beach, Oregon

This is one of my favorite places, assuming I can get site #27 where I can get a peek of the ocean and still get a satellite TV signal.  Internet is very weak here, but I managed working late at night when it was a bit stronger and driving into a nearby town once every couple of days.

My favorite site was on the opposite side of the roadway, but if only cars were camped on the other side, I had a view of the ocean.  In any case, I could hear the waves crashing.

 Walking across the road and down just a few feet was the entrance to the beach.  

These are the campers across from me.

View of my roof from the beach.

A few photos of the beach at low tide.

So nice to walk on the hard sand at low tide.

My new beach shoes!  

Must be nice to own one of these homes.

Back to the campground and the windswept trees. 

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  1. That's a beautiful place with the view of the ocean and greenery. Always nice to spend time in nature away from the crowd of the cities.