Sunday, August 9, 2020

7/19 Farragut State Park & Boardman Marina Campground

 Yes, I am very late posting this, but better late than never!  

I skipped a lot of things in the past couple of weeks because I was busy driving via freeway through Montana and Idaho.  There were two campgrounds that were memorable, however. One was Farragut SP in northern Idaho and the other was a very nice place in Oregon along the Columbia River. 

 Love these empty roads!

Farragut State Park is in northern Idaho and believe it or not, was a major naval base during WWII.  They even trained submariners here because of the deep lake.
Campground was very nice with big trees, but tricky to get into some of the sites.  I had to maneuver past several really big trees and avoid some park service boulders.
The old naval brig is now a museum of the naval base as it was during the war.
Hard to believe there were 20,000 naval personnel stationed here at one point. This is a map of the barracks and facilities.
An operating table.
And some fancy rope work.

This is the Columbia River where the Boardman Marina Park was located.  Looking west along the river.

Looking across the river at a barge being towed upstream.
Next stop was Bend, Oregon, but I was there only very briefly and did not take any photos, but the drive west along the Columbia River is always pretty.
Not sure what volcanic mountain this is. 
The route took a dive south and then west again, approaching Bend from the east.  And nearing Bend, there was this roadside park with a map of the mountains in the distance.

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