Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2 Salton Area Agriculture

The land around the Salton Sea is a large agricultural area.  Here are some photos I took of some of the crops:

This is one of many date groves.  There are places along the roads that sell all sorts of date products, including date shakes.  I bought some date nut bread and had a date shake. It was OK, but I did not like the little sharp pieces of dates getting stuck in my teeth.

And here are grapefruits.  I was told the season was late so these were not ripe.

And oranges, also not ripe yet.

I saw a lot of fields of grape vines, but a lot of them looked half-dead.  Not sure why. Maybe it  is the time of year.

 And here, you can see a field of peppers ready to be picked.  There were some pickers waiting to begin down by the cars.  This area is very close to Mexico so there are a lot of migrant workers in the area, far more so than I have seen in other areas of California.  These were large, long red peppers.

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