Friday, December 20, 2013

12/19 Lost City Museum, Overton, NV

I went into the nearby town of Overton to check it out and get gas.  I also knew there was an archeological museum, so I made sure to stop here. It does  not look like much from the highway, but was much bigger and better than I had expected.

The main building was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps at about the same time Hoover Dam was built.  The location, on a bluff overlooking the town and Lake Mead valley in the distance, was the originally location of an Anasazi village.

I could not take photos inside, but these buildings next to the main exhibit hall are reconstructions built on original Anasazi  foundations.

This part of the small village was left unreconstructed.

This is a pit house, also reconstructed on original ruins.

The ancients chose the location well because from this slight hill you can see in all four directions. 

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