Monday, December 2, 2013

11/27 More Cactus & Wildflowers

I thought I would post some more flowers I found yesterday on my hike through Palm Canyon to the oasis.  Since I am going to be in the desert for a few months, I am back to trying to learn the names of as many as I can.  I take the photos and then go back and use the several books I have bought.  Sometimes it is really hard because some flowers are so similar to others.

This one is a beavertail cactus.  Can you see why?

This is brittle bush.

There aren't too many flowers in the desert this time of year, but this brittlebush had some very nice flowers.

This is not a very good photo, but this is cats claw.  If you brush against it, the curved thorns will catch you!

This one took a long time, but I finally identified it as desert hibiscus.  The plant is only about 15" tall.

And this was easy because it is desert lavender.  Smells very nice if you crush a flower in your hand.

This is a rock daisy.

And finally, this is trailing windmills.  I am going to make this larger so you can see it bigger. The flowers are very tiny.

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