Wednesday, March 25, 2020

3/23 Evicted!! Again.

The last time I was forced out of a campground was just before Hurricane Matthew, way back in October, 2016.  So, no hurricane this time, but the coronavirus has caused Florida to close all state parks.  This happened a week ago, but I thought I was OK in this federal Corps of Engineers campground for another week.  I had also been told my reservation at WP Franklin would be honored through March 30, but on Friday, we got the news that the Corps was closing all campgrounds in the southeast district of the U.S.

So this morning I got up early and said a last goodbye to one of my favorite spots in Florida.  The river was glossy calm this morning.  There was only one boat docked temporarily and one waiting for the lock to open for him. 

Hated to leave my beautiful spot on the river.  It will be at least two years before I return, unfortunately. 

The four tent sites by the fence were empty, and no walkers around, either. 

Three of the five empty sites this morning.  There are only nine sites in this campground, which is one of the reasons I like it. 

And the two sites behind me were empty. 

So off I go.  My first stop was for a truck wash at Blue Beacon.  Cost is $40 for my size rig. 

Long wait in line, as usual, because lots of trucks needing washed and washouts.   Nice that gas is very cheap, so I got a fill-up.

After a 300 mile drive, I ended up in this commercial campground.  I really dislike commercial campgrounds because RVs are too close together and a lot of people parked for the season or all year.  But, I am in the far north of Florida and in a rural area with no current cases on coronavirus, although there will no doubt be some as time goes by.  I will mostly stay inside for the next two weeks, doing work on my classes and relaxing.  It is hot outside with too many little gnats to drive me crazy.  

At least the main roads are paved with cuts down the dust, although there are a lot of families with kids here and lots of golf carts speeding around. 

The biggest problem with this place is that the office is way, way down at the end of this roadway through the older part of the campground.  I had to pick up a package today and have two more coming, so it is a real hike, especially in the heat and with the bugs.  The Suwanee River is on the other side of the office building, and there are kayaks and canoes for rent, but not my thing right now.

Heading back to my site. 

I am still a few hundred feet on the other side of that building. 

 Future plans?  In ten days, I will move to a newer and more open campground, then maybe up to a state park in Georgia if the campgrounds are still open up there.  I will probably try to find another place up in Georgia anyway because it gets HOT in Florida in late April. 


  1. A lot of the snowbirds coming home from Mexico are not able to find campgrounds. Either full or closed. Glad we had a house to come home to. And that it wasn't in Indiana any more.

  2. There is also a pool here, and I cannot believe how many families have brought their kids here to play with other kids and swim in the pool!! No sense whatsoever! I will use the laundromat, but no way will I use their shower room or swim in the pool with all those kids and people. There are a lot of seasonal or permanent residents that I think are using their RVs as weekend places, and since kids are out of school, they are all taking an extra vacation instead of staying home inside like they should be doing. And lots of adults congregating in the covered area next to pool.