Thursday, September 6, 2018

9/6 The Campground Hermit

Yes, that is me.  Sometimes I spend an entire day inside my motorhome.  Occasionally, I will even spend two or three days in a row inside.  I am sure that the families that are camped next to me wonder who that strange lady is who is not only traveling alone, but hiding inside her motorhome. 

First, there is a big difference between vacationing in an RV and living in one, which is what I do.  Vacationers rush here and there and make use of every available minute so they can see as much as they can.  If I don't see something, there will always be another year.  Also, I tend to spend longer at a place, so I don't have so much pressure to be out and about every day.

Another big difference is that I am still working half-time.  I have taught college classes in a classroom and online for 29 years now, always part-time.  (Thirteen years in a classroom and sixteen years online.  Wow, that has added up fast!  Time certainly does fly.)  Teaching online enables me to pay my travel bills and not have to dig into my savings.  It also gives me something to do and keeps me connected with the world of students and work, which I enjoy.  And, hopefully, it will help keep my brain alive a few years longer.  

There are four condensed semesters per year at the college where I have taught all these years.  That means that other than three weeks in December, one semester starts immediately after a new semester ends.  For example, the last day of the final exam for the summer semester is next Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I have to open my syllabus and first week's packet of assignments for the fall semester, so students can take a peek and see if they really want to stay enrolled.  The official first week of class for the fall semester is not until 9/24, but I have to have at least the first week ready to go by next Tuesday.  The first assignments are due 10/1, which gives me a bit of a break, but I will no doubt be working on tweaking other fall assignments during that time. 

Actually, since the course I teach is mandatory for an undergraduate degree at this college, and I am the only person who teaches my course online right now, they don't have much choice other than to take my class or take it in a classroom on campus.  

So, if I have not posted recently, it is because I am rushing to grade papers before grades are due and getting the new class ready for fall. Grades are due on 9/16, which means if a student does not do as well as they expected to do, they might have to drop the class that follows mine.  That means a lot of stress for some of them as well as for me. 

I did get out a couple of days ago to drive into town for some groceries and to visit the nearby bakery.  Yesterday, I went out to get a haircut and walked around the little harbor.  Also picked up some clam chowder that was really good.  Tomorrow, I have to dump my waste tanks, so will head back into town to stock up on some more almond croissants and get a larger carton of clam chowder to freeze for next week.  Sunday morning, I leave for my next campground, where I have a doctor's appointment and will be able to do some laundry, as well as some big-store shopping for a couple of items. 

So, this week and part of next, I will definitely be the campground hermit.  

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