Sunday, March 11, 2018

3/3 White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Yes, I am way behind in my posting because I have been up to my eyeballs in grading papers.  It is the end of the semester, so lots to do.  And my teaching online does enable me to live this life on the road, so have to give it priority!

Anyway, it was cold and windy, and we even had rain one day, so good time to stay inside.  However, this is a very nice campground, with great views.  It is located northwest of Phoenix, just west of Glendale, Arizona, and close to Sun City, although it has been a chilly winter this year.  Campsites are well-spread out, so you still feel you are far from anything.

 This is a nice view of downtown Phoenix, way in the distance.

What I really want to know is why I am getting only one very skimpy 3G bar on my cell phone and mobile hot spot I use for data and internet, when all of this is on top of the mountain behind the campground?  Where are you, Verizon???  

And that is the sum total of the photos I took of this campground.  However, I have been here before and will come again in a year or so.  It is a very quiet and pleasant place to stay, other than the lack of decent Internet coverage.

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