Wednesday, August 23, 2017

8/19 Drive through Lassen National Forest

I admit to being very lazy about posting lately.  I left Eagle Lake on this day and drove south to Red Bluff, CA, about halfway to Napa.  I originally planned to drive 250 miles to Napa in one day, but I had a lot of errands to run on the way, so I broke it into two days.  Needed to do some shopping and get a truck wash, among other things. 

My drive was mostly through Lassen National Forest and skimming the edges of Lassen Volcano National Park.  You can see by the hazy photos that the smoke from forest fires is still common in this area.  Can you see the third ridge of mountains in this photo? 

Behind these trees is a very big lake and some hills in the distance.  

You can barely see the far edge of the lake in this photo. 

Ah, Lassen Peak.  If I had had a little more time I could have driven only about twenty miles to get to the visitor center, but I had been there a couple of years ago.  Not a good view because of the smoke anyway. 

You do see a lot of volcanic evidence as you head south.  This is a big pile of rocks thrown by an eruption.

 Lots of big and small rocks strewn around for about 50 miles from the volcano. 

Cows graze here, but it would be very hard to plow these rocky fields.  


  1. Just now had the chance to check in on you. Think of you often! Would love to hear from you.

  2. I'm doing fine. Going to be spending most of the next year in California and Oregon, then Nevada and Arizona for the winter. Where are you? I found your card and will send you an email so you have mine.