Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/10 Grant River COE Campground, Mississippi RIver, Wisconsin

Here I go again!  Prepare for a rant.

Because I do not tow a vehicle, someone a while back asked how long it took me to pack up to go out for the day or to the store. I said maybe 5 minutes was all it took me to toss stuff from counter into the sink, turn the engine on and hit the buttons for the slides, and unhook water and electric. A few minutes more if I was hooked up to sewer, but that would be rare. I seldom leave more than a chair outside and tend to leave it on the site if I am just gone for the day. I consider myself a minimalist.

I have been watching a couple of couples the last two days. The one that moved into the site next to me this morning has the following: a small refrigerator and a short table to put it on, one of those wheeled rolling carts to move the refrigerator, two large coolers, four unfolded chairs and two folded chairs, a fan on a stand, a large case of beer, an outdoor rug over the cement camping pad, and a kitchen-sized trash can. I am guessing they are expecting guests?? They have an older motorhome and a separate pickup truck, so they must not live very far away.

Another couple had a similar pile of stuff including the large cooler, plus two cast iron frying pans, a cast iron dutch oven, a barbecue grill and a tabletop two-burner electric cooktop, small TV, and a fan. This was for two people who did NOT have guests.

Reminded me of the two men I saw unloaded one of those 3' x 3' x 4' high chest freezers once from their pickup truck. They said they bought it at a garage sale, and it came in handy for camping!
I think one thing traveling alone and being a full-timer has taught me was that you do not have to bring it all with you. I made do without a bunch of appliances and make everything do double-duty--like using my hand blender as a mixer.  I need to take some pictures (stealthily) of some of the campsites where they brought everything plus the kitchen sink!

Anyway, part of the fun of camping is watching everyone else.  Actually, this is a very pleasant place along the Mississippi River, at the very southwest corner of Wisconsin. I crossed the Mississippi at Prairie do Chien, WI.

Having left Washington State just a few weeks ago, it is amazing to see everything so green!

I took the scenic route to get to the campground.  Lots and lots of corn growing in Wisconsin.

As is typical, this Corps of Engineering campground has paved roads and cement camping pads and is very well taken care of.  Also, it is 50% off for us seniors, so I am planning on spending a total of six nights here.

You can see the Mississippi in the distance.  Not much boat traffic here, however.  Have not seen anything go up or downstream.

It is going to be 90 here for the next couple of days, so I am waiting until Friday or possibly Saturday to go to nearby Dubuque, Iowa, to visit a museum.

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