Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/24 West Memphis, AR

Crossed the Mississippi River a couple of days ago, and am now at a campground, watching the boats go by.  I needed a couple of days rest after two long days of driving.  It is very hot and muggy here, so I am very glad to have AC.  Have chatted with several neighbors, all of whom are older couples. 

The boats that go upstream, go very slowly, even with their motors running at full blast because of the fast-moving river.  You can hear them coming by the low rumble of their engines.  Here are two struggling against the current.
This one is headed downstream, so it is zipping along!
This paddlewheel cruise ship went past yesterday.  Its name is the Queen of the Mississippi, and according it its online schedule, is headed for a seven-day cruise to New Orleans.  I could not see anyone on deck, however, which I think is strange.





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