Tuesday, April 2, 2024

4/1 John McArthur State Beach

Trying to catch up with posts, but it takes me a long time to download photos from my camera, go through them and select ones that tell my story, but are not blurry or redundant.  The following photos are from a quick visit I made to this state park, located on the Atlantic, about 8 miles north of West Palm Beach and 10 miles south of Jupiter, Florida.  I like it because there is a lot of good parking for my motorhome, and there is a very nice boardwalk that goes over a lagoon and ends up on the beach.  Also, most days of the week, there is a shuttle that will take you on the part of the boardwalk that goes over the lagoon.  

Can't complain about this parking lot, other than it being the farthest from the visitor center and boardwalk. 


This is the shuttle pickup point near the visitor center.  

This is a very long boardwalk, so it is nice to catch a ride to the opposite side!!

The shuttle turns around here to head back to the visitor center.

But, the boardwalk continues on for couple hundred feet to the beach.  

I found a nice bench at the top of the boardwalk, overlooking the beach, so I sat down and spent a comfortable hour in the breeze.  Note that the red flag means swimmers need to stay out the water because of a riptide that day. 

This is a flock of pelicans that flew overhead.  I did not have time for the auto-focus to actually focus on the birds, so was amazed that this photo turned out as well as it did. 

Heading back to catch shuttle to parking area.

The Nature Center and Visitor Center.  You can rent a kayak or canoe here and borrow life jackets if you want to go out on the lagoon. 

I felt a little windblown on this sunny and windy day.  Even with my glasses darkening, my eyes felt really dry, so I need to bring some eye drops next time.

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