Monday, September 26, 2016

9/26 Back on the Road, and so is Tioga George

I am back on the road, headed to Florida, but that is not my big news.  If you are new to full-time RVing, you may not have heard of a man called Tioga George.  (Some people have also called him the Mr. Rogers of stealth camping.)  Briefly, here is his story:
  • He bought an old motorhome in 2003 after recovering from cancer and headed out with no experience at all to live in it full time on an extremely low budget.
  • He learned a lot of things the hard way, but survived and wrote a blog that many of us who travel read and were inspired by, myself included.
  • He spent many years living in Mexico in Miss Tioga, giving funny names to all of his belongings, but making many friends along the way and having both good and bad adventures that he shared.  
  • He returned to the U.S. a few years ago after two Mexican friends were murdered, and then had a heart attack, driving Miss Tioga off the road and ending up in intensive care.  Since then, he has been living in a senior apartment near San Diego, posting only once in a while. 
  • A few days ago, he bought a new trailer, had it towed to a RV resort, and moved in.  He recognizes he is no longer a safe RV driver, so plans to camp in a tent driving his car around.  He will use his trailer as his home base and occasionally have someone tow it to a new location. 
Anyway, George has posted a touching summary of how he got started RVing, and I thought some of you who read my blog might be interested. 

If you are really interested, you can go into his old blog and start reading from the beginning.  You can also click on "Older Post" at the bottom of his blog and read his more recent postings. Yesterday's post was a great one, also, when he talks about choosing between his old senior apartment and his new trailer.  Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi there. New reader, I must have found you through one of the blogs I read and your name made me think, "that's what I want to be", but anyway thanks for introducing me to Tioga George. You have awesome pictures too. I will go back and start reading the rest of your blog.