Friday, September 23, 2016

9/23 Only Two More Days to Go!

After spending five weeks in Michigan and Ohio, I am really looking forward to getting back on the road and traveling.  I've enjoyed visiting with my son and his family, especially the grandkids, and also spending some time with old friends, but I have NOT enjoyed all the doctor appointments and tests I had to undergo!!  Very glad they are over with for at least a few months.

I also was very happy to finally get rid of the rest of the furniture I had in storage and to sort through all the bins and boxes.  I got it down to about a dozen boxes that my son agreed to store for me.  Mostly, the only thing I now have stored is family and personal memorabilia.  I also shipped two very heavy boxes to my older son in California and am making my second trip to my niece's home tomorrow to drop off most of my dad's journals and some other things I hope she wants.  She is going to transcribe the journals and I have bought a slide viewer so I can sort through the old family slides.  It is hard to believe how much precious stuff my parents and I accumulated in our lifetimes. And, really, is it still only a tiny part of what we once owned and thought was irreplaceable.

But overall, it is really nice to be rid of the furniture and unneeded "stuff."  It will also nice not to have to pay $90 per month to store it any more.

I have enjoyed traveling for as long as I can remember, even as a child.  I love seeing new places and visiting museums and historical places, but overall, I just like being on the move.  So, two more nights here in Michigan, and then I will be heading south to Florida for the winter.  I've reached the point in my 4+ years on the road that I have favorite places I look forward to visiting, and there are lots of those in Florida. 

And on the way, I will be stopping at Cumberland Gap National Park and Old Federal Campground on Lake Lanier, GA,--one new and one old favorite place!

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